I don’t really write poems anymore but I used to all the time. Here’s one that I wrote a few winters ago. I know it’s not really seasonally appropriate right now, but oh well. I felt like posting it. 🙂

At first glance, it seems harmless,
beautiful, even enchanting. Swirling
white, inside is just
darling. But contemplation brings
on reality. Entrapped. Freezing.
Reliving the events every moment,
every second. Old ways, memories,
the darkness. Take over. Thinking
causes pain, it shatters the fragile,
tiny, beautiful heart. It never stops.
No way out. At the mercy of a
stranger’s hand, shaken, thoughts
swirl like snow. Falling, falling.
The glass shatters. Freedom
is the equivalent of self-

Here’s a beautiful picture of pennsylvania for you to look at while you try to analyze the poem. Baha.

P.S One of these days I’ll be blogging about my zombie plans, so stay tuned.


About mmcleven

I'm Margaret Clevenger, a current student at Syracuse University.
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