So far this summer, I’ve had a lot of time to think. In just three short weeks, I’ve said many goodbyes, been reunited with friends, saw my high school close with it’s last graduation, and realized a lot about life.

I’ve never really considered karma as a real thing but now I’m starting to believe it. If someone is a genuinely mean person, some good things may happen to them but I truly believe that they’ll never be happy. And if you’re a good person who is polite, nice, tries to find the best in people and do not go out of your way to hurt others, things may be bad but in the long run… you’re going to be great. I know that all might sound pretty cliche’ but that’s how I really feel. I’m tired of being abused because I’m a nice person but that’s not going to change me but I have decided not to let people walk all over me anymore.

All of this made me start thinking about cycles. I realized that almost every time I say goodbye, I also almost immediately say hello as well. Seeing Mannheim’s last graduation was kind of sad, the school/base that I graduated from is not going to exist in a year. But weirdly, my Mom just got transferred to Wiesbaden to teach, the place we lived for five years before moving to Mannheim.

Wiesbaden wasn’t always good to me. My Dad deployed while we were there twice and I went through a lot. But this is also the place that I met Evan, found my love for running, and made many memories that I hold dear to my heart. So, once Joe graduates and moves to the states, my parents will move back to Wiesbaden, and that soon will be my home again. That’s pretty cool.

So yep, there you have it. Who knows when you’ll wind up in old places, with old friends. Who knows when you’ll be in a new place and make new friends. All I know is, what goes up must come down. When things are bad, they won’t be like that forever. (:


About mmcleven

I'm Margaret Clevenger, a current student at Syracuse University.
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2 Responses to Cycles.

  1. Sean Flynn says:

    I honestly can’t say that I would remain totally benevolent if my kindness was taken advantage of. I had a similiar mentality in middle school but it didn’t get me anywhere, which is why today I remain somewhat cynical. But that isn’t to say that can’t acknowledge the good in others. Anyway good post, pretty inspiring.

  2. mmcleven says:

    Aw, why thank you for the compliment Sean. 🙂
    I think it’s good to be a bit wary and being somewhat cynical isn’t bad. I know you’re nice. 🙂 I think I’m somewhat cynical as well, but still a good person!

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