Online News Releases

Public relations, like many other fields, is increasingly reliant on the internet and online resources. One example of this in the Public Relations field is the online press release. In my PR writing class, we talked about how printed releases are becoming less and less common. Online releases are much more convenient because they do not require the price of stamps and journalists can even look them up themselves in some cases.

Online releases give public relations practitioners a lot of options. The ability to use links helps readers stay interested and provides them with quick and easy information, without having to contact the practitioner. It also makes the press release more interactive. The reader is able to discover what they desire at their own pace. Photos and videos are also a great feature that is unavailable in a print release. These can help provide the reader with a greater understanding of the story or the organization and help keep the reader interested.

One extra perk is that now the price of postage is not an issue!

However, on social media there are also some unique challenges. It’s really easy to make spelling mistakes online because the process can be so fast and easy. It’s important to make sure to proof read carefully! Also, I think that search engines may be a challenge. It’s hard to get your link to the top of google. Tags help with this a lot though, tagging is a great way to link your release to other resources. I personally love tags on social media, I’m sure that when I’m out in the real public relations world, I’ll take advantage of them.

I think it’s great that most professions are using social media and the internet more often, I can’t wait to get out there and try some of it out myself!
Also, here is a boring video I found about social media releases. You probably won’t want to watch it unless you’re interested in PR but it has some truth to it.


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I'm Margaret Clevenger, a current student at Syracuse University.
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