SU Veterans’ Club

My blog post this week is a topic of my choice and I’ve decided to talk about my job at the Syracuse University Veterans’ Resource Center. I think it’s a really great opportunity for me and I wanted to share it with my followers.

First things first, I think it’s a really great way to meet people who… understand me. I can talk military lingo with them and they don’t look at me like I have three heads. It’s really refreshing to be around people who I feel comfortable with, people who remind me of home. It surprises me how often I find myself feeling out of place, even after two years, because of my military background. There’s just nothing that reminds me of home like sitting around with a group of veterans.

Besides the social and comfort aspect, I’m really getting some public relations social media experience out of this job. Before I started working for the resource center, the Veterans’ club had virtually no social media at all. I was able to establish a facebook page and a twitter account for the club and a facebook page for the resource center.

In just two short months, I’ve managed to get 42 likes on the Club facebook and 32 twitter followers! Considering the fact that most of the veterans at SU don’t have twitter at all and rarely use facebook – if they even have it, I’m really proud of this! In fact, other groups and clubs at Syracuse have been contacting the Veterans’ club to collaborate. It’s really nice to see my work paying off.

Overall, I think that working at the Veterans’ Resource Center is a humbling experience. I can truly say that I appreciate what every one of our veterans has sacrificed for our country and if I hadn’t seen what true sacrifice was from my 20 years of being an army brat, I certainly see it now. These men and women deserve the educations they are getting and are equally determined to succeed and become productive members of society once again.


About mmcleven

I'm Margaret Clevenger, a current student at Syracuse University.
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