Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was a lot weaker than we expected here in Syracuse New York but just because we got off easy, we need to remember that many other places didn’t. A lot of my Facebook friends have been posting about how the media “hyped things up” when the hurricane “wasn’t even bad.” However, I take a different position when it comes to this situation. I think the media did a great job keeping us informed and updated with the warnings.

Without the media, many of my friends wouldn’t have been able to keep tabs on their hometowns that were greatly affected by the storm. My mom was even able to keep her eyes on Syracuse – all the way from Germany!

We also need to remember that the hurricane really could have and should have been worse in Syracuse. We got lucky that it shifted course and passed us. Hurricanes are forces of nature and cannot be controlled or 100% predicted. As we can see from the damage in New York City, Hurricanes such as Sandy should not be taken lightly.

Can you imagine if New York City didn’t take the necessary precautions? The damage would have been unthinkable. I don’t see anything wrong with being safe rather than sorry. I personally went out to the store and bought myself some canned food and water bottles, just in case. Without the media, I wouldn’t have even known to do that and if Sandy did indeed hit ‘Cuse, I would have been caught unprepared!

So I guess that this post is just a little shout out to all those reporters out there who kept us updated! No matter what people say, the media is necessary and I believe that they handled Hurricane Sandy well.


About mmcleven

I'm Margaret Clevenger, a current student at Syracuse University.
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5 Responses to Hurricane Sandy

  1. sampress22 says:

    I completely agree. Although Syracuse did not get hit by Sandy, just think about if we actually did. If the news had not told us to take precautions, we could have been caught off guard, if something would have actually happened. The news and reporters did exactly what they were made to do during this crisis, tell the news and what was pertinent. By getting the word out as quickly as possible, they probably saved so many more people’s lives that would have been lost. Although the whether people are generally wrong, when it comes to life endangerment everyone should always adhere on the side of precaution, which is exactly what the news portrayed.

  2. mmcleven says:

    Thanks Sam! I’m glad you agree.
    I totally agree with everything you just posted as well. It really is important in times of crisis that the news tell it like it is! Especially when its something so unpredictable, like Hurricane Sandy was!

  3. kate7134 says:

    I totally agree also. I understand what you mean about people thinking reporters hyped Sandy up too much, as I take for granted that I’m in Syracuse now and my parents are still home in New Jersey without any power. I think the news did a great job at keeping us informed, because it’s definitely better to be more precautionary than not expect much.

  4. ofarnham says:

    Margaret, I like how you viewed the hurricane crisis from both a personal, media, and PR perspective. From a personal perspective, I thought it was a little “in bad taste” that people were disappointed by the lack-of-storm. In this case, the media was looking out for our safety, not for entertainment purposes. Great post!

  5. vlamigh says:

    Margaret, I completely agree that Sandy was hyped up especially in Syracuse. I actually found myself glued to the television and twitter my entire day off to see how everyone was doing. One of the amazing things is that even without power for over a week, I was still able to keep in touch with everyone at home because they charged their cell phones in their car and could still tweet up a storm.

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