Major budget cuts, disgusting


So today, it happened. The United States has taken a toll for the worst. I think a lot of people think they know what this means. Yes, the government will be cutting spending. But I don’t think that the average American understands the true outcome of this situation.

Federal employees will experience 10% budget cuts, from April until September. That means that federal government employees will receive 10% less pay for 6 months. This even applies to teachers who teach at Department of Defense Schools, the type of schools I attended.

These schools teach the children of our countries soldiers. Their parents have dedicated their lives to serving our country and these children have to deal with moving, missing parents and live with the fear for their parents safety every day that they are deployed. Teachers at these schools will start working for only 4 days per week. This means that the children of our soldiers, will only go to school 4 days per week.

An already failing education system is now being cut down by time in the classroom. How do we think this will affect our children? The number of students who attend these schools is not small, like most people believe. There are around 79 schools in Europe alone. This number excludes schools in America and in the Pacific, which have even more schools.

This also affects the very people that keep our country running. Without the thousands of federal employees, our government simply would not and could not exist. I find it amazing that congress is so unwilling to compromise that they would rather take away from the individuals who run our nation than agree on something.

Post offices, air ports, safety regulation organizations, and basically any aspect of our country that you can think of are going to be affected by these budget cuts. Where does that leave our country? If all of our government employees lose 10% of their paycheck, how can our nation continue on? The government hosts most of the employment opportunities in our country and without this resource, I believe we are doomed for failure.

I’m so disappointed in the United States. Coming from a military family that has given so much of their lives to protect and support our nation, I am disgusted. Both of my parents will be affected by these budget cuts, two of the most dedicated and hard-working individuals that I know.

This is undeserved and could have been prevented. I just can’t express my distain in any other words other than “I feel like I want to vomit.”

It amazes me that all President Obama has to say is that “he is not a dictator” and can’t make the republicans agree with him. It’s time to stop bashing republicans and democrats. It’s time to make a CHANGE, the very platform he ran on in 2008. It’s time to support the people who actually contribute to our country.

Check out this video about what President Obama has to say
Check out this article about the budget cuts

But don’t let these things fool you. It’s a lot more serious than they’re letting on.


About mmcleven

I'm Margaret Clevenger, a current student at Syracuse University.
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